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The Most Effective SaaS Link Building Strategies for 2024

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Selling a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product subscription fees for ongoing access and updates? Think of popular services like Dropbox, Zoom, or Spotify – all prime examples of SaaS.

In the competitive landscape, getting your SaaS product noticed can be tough. That’s where SaaS link building becomes your secret weapon, acting as digital recommendations from relevant websites.

Building links from trusted websites signals potential customers that your SaaS product is reliable and worth considering. It also helps boost your search rankings, website traffic, and signup leads.

Think of link building as an investment in your SaaS success. Keep reading to learn the most effective ways to build SaaS links (with examples).

What is SaaS link building?


SaaS link building refers to acquiring high-quality backlinks to a website that offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. These backlinks act like digital recommendations from other websites, influencing search engine algorithms to rank your SaaS website higher in search results.

5 effective SaaS link building strategies for 2024


Here are some of the most effective strategies and examples of SaaS link building:

1. Guest posting


Also known as guest blogging, guest posting is the practice of writing and publishing articles on relevant sites — get your SaaS product or service mentioned in the article in return.

Guest posting helps you share insights with a new audience, and it’s a great way to increase referral traffic and generate leads. For instance, Buffer, a popular social media SaaS tool, attracted more than 100,000 customers through guest posting in less than a year.

Guest posts on authoritative sites offer social proof, helping your brand gain credibility. To succeed in guest posting, you have to balance value and promotion. You can subtly demonstrate the value of your software while offering value to the reader.

Here’s how you can leverage guest blogging for effective SaaS link building:

  1. Identify relevant high-authority websites that accept guest authors. You can use Google to find sites accepting articles on the topics you’d like to write about.

         [main keyword] + “write for us”

         [main keyword] + “guest article”

         [main keyword] + “become a contributor”

Guest blogging tips

 2. Analyze the target websites to identify content gaps you can fill. You can do a site search to identify the content gaps. Type “site:[website URL]: [your topic]” on Google and hit “Enter.”

Analyze content gaps
3. Craft a personalized pitch and email it to the blog editor. Briefly introduce yourself and your SaaS product, highlight your content expertise, and propose a few guest post ideas you’ve identified.

Personalized pitch email

4. Once your guest post pitch is accepted, write a high-quality article that provides genuine value to the site’s target audience. Showcase your knowledge and expertise in a way that subtly integrates your SaaS solution.

5. After publishing your first guest post, nurture the relationship with the editor or website owner for future collaborations.

6. Promote your guest post on social media, email newsletters, and other channels to get more traffic, backlinks, and social shares.

7. Finally, use analytics tools to track results from your guest posting efforts. Analyzing metrics like referral traffic, backlinks, and social shares helps you identify what’s working and which areas need improvement.

2. Adding SaaS tools in existing niche listicles


Listicles are popular because they are easy to read, informative, and shareable. Including your SaaS tool in a niche listicle increases the chances of it being discovered by potential users, bloggers, and industry influencers.

For example, if you’re promoting a CRM tool, you should get the link added to articles like “best CRM tools.” Ensure the target article ranks well on Google and gets decent traffic.

promoting a CRM tool

Some top-ranking articles/pages may offer a sponsored feature of your CRM software in the list while others may agree to add it for free tool access or link exchanges.

There are two main ways you can use listicles to build links:

  • Pitch to authors of existing listicles: Find relevant listicles using Google Search and pitch editors with a value proposition for adding your tool. You can offer a link exchange, free usage credits of your SaaS tool, free trials, or even invite them to your affiliate program.
  • Create your own listicles: If you can’t find a relevant listicle that will include your tool, you can take matters into your own hands. For instance, you can create a listicle targeting the same user group but not necessarily competing.

Adding your SaaS tools to listicles helps you target users actively searching for buying options. These bottom-of-the-sales funnel users are likely to convert and get you new leads besides the quality backlinks.

Note: Focus on niche-specific listicles and target audience. Additionally, ensure your website showcases your product’s features, benefits, and screenshots to increase the likelihood of your product being included in listicles and other industry publications.

3. Link insertions (niche edits)


Link insertions or niche edits involve getting a backlink to your website by placing your link within an existing article or web page on another website.

Acquiring links from well-performing articles is better than publishing new posts. They can feed your website with more link juice due to a stronger link profile, boosting your search rankings quicker.

To find relevant sites for niche edits, browse the web and search engines for relevant topics. Reach out to the publisher or editor and request them to add a few sentences with your link to the article. Ensure your link adds value to the page.

Here’s a link insertion email template for example:

link insertion email template

Niche edits are a lot faster than guest posting for SaaS link building. That’s because you only need to write and add a blurb to an existing article in this case.

Here’s an example of a niche edit on a CRM-related article:

CRM niche edit example                                                    Source

4. Product reviews and comparison guides


While industry giants like G2 and Capterra are well-known resources for SaaS reviews, you can acquire links from niche-specific directories and publications.

Simply search for “[your industry] + tools directory” on Google to get a list of directories and niche-focused review sites eager to showcase valuable SaaS solutions like yours. These targeted websites offer a fantastic opportunity to reach a highly-engaged audience actively seeking SaaS tools to make their life easier.

Industry tools directory search

In addition to building SaaS links, these review sites and directories can provide more exposure to your SaaS tool in front of relevant audiences.

You can also identify bloggers and reviewers with a loyal audience who write about similar products. Offer them complimentary access to your SaaS tool for a limited time in exchange for an honest review.

Some may request a small sponsored content fee based on their website’s domain authority, traffic, and niche relevance.

5. Unlinked brand mentions tracking


As your software tool solves problems for different people, people have likely already mentioned it in their articles and guides. However, many of these valuable mentions may not link to your website. These unbranded mentions are a low-effort and low-cost way to acquire backlinks.

Another benefit of unlinked brand mentions is that they’ll often be on websites or blogs relevant to your industry and niche. This makes them high-quality and valuable for your search engine rankings.

To identify your unlinked brand mentions, use a tool like Google Alerts, Moz, or Ahrefs.

Prioritize high-authority sites mentioning your tool for a link to your SaaS website or product page. Remember to thank them for the mention.

Successful SaaS link building examples and case studies to learn from


Let’s look at two real-world examples of successful SaaS link building.

Under these case studies, we have used our favorite link building tool, Ahrefs to break down the best parts. This will help you understand how these companies relied on the SaaS link building strategies we discussed above, from product reviews to guest posting.

1. ClickUp used link building to dominate SERPs for 900 BoFu keywords


ClickUp’s SaaS link building strategy helped them dominate SERPs for 900 BoFu (bottom-of-the-funnel) keywords. 

Here’s what we can learn from ClickUp’s case study:

  • Targeted backlinks: ClickUp focuses on acquiring backlinks from relevant sources, such as “best project management tool” listicles. These articles and websites target users already considering project management solutions (BoFu), making them high-value targets for ClickUp.
  • Contextual anchor text: ClickUp prioritizes backlinks that use contextual anchor text, such as “using your time wisely.” This helps search engines understand the relevance of the ClickUp tool link in the article, improving their rankings for relevant keywords. 

    ClickUp case study insights

2. Asana’s link building campaign helped them gain monthly traffic worth $5 million


Asana has strategically leveraged link building and guest posts to increase website traffic and revenue. The company optimized its blog for a global audience, outranking competitors like Trello and generating significant organic traffic.

They regularly create top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) content that attracts, educates, and helps build trust among potential users of the project management tool. This has resulted in 6.3 million organic monthly visits, worth $5 million.

Their website has backlinks from high-authority sites like The New York Times and HubSpot.

Asana link building success

Asana referring domains growth chart Asana referring domains – steady growth

Asana has also acquired backlinks from listicles on relevant keywords like “best project management tools” and even newer terms like “best AI productivity tools.”

Asana backlinks from listicles
And the best part? A majority of their SaaS links come from websites with 70+ DA.

High DA SaaS backlinks

Are you ready to build links for your SaaS product?


High-quality backlinks are votes of confidence, credibility, and authority for your website. They boost your website’s visibility on the SERPs while helping you acquire targeted traffic.

Prioritize quality and relevance over quantity when it comes to SaaS link building. Don’t miss nurturing the relationships you build with different website owners and editors for long-term collaborations.

Are you unassertive about building SaaS links? We can do all the backlinking for you, from identifying relevant opportunities, approaching the publishers, acquiring the backlinks, and tracking your website’s traffic and rankings growth.

Hire our experts today for SaaS link building and get real results – targeted traffic and new tool signups.

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