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Trusted by 150+ brands for premium link building services

Don’t settle for link building services that stop at boosting your rankings. Let us be your partners in transforming your traffic into revenue.

At Tanot Solutions, we don’t just generate backlinks, we ensure you rank for high-converting keywords, bringing you targeted traffic that converts.

Link Building Company
founded in 2020

in 2020


Worked with 150+ Clients

5000+ Backlinks

Delivered 5000+ High-Quality Backlinks

Brands we have worked with

Trusted by 150+ brands for premium link building services


How We Build the Links Your Brand Needs to Succeed

We are redefining the link building game. We don’t just generate links; we craft your pathway to conversions.

Here’s what our

competitive link building process looks like:


Understand your goals

We start with understanding your unique goals and objectives for link building. Whether it's boosting your website's authority, increasing conversions, boosting organic traffic, or expanding your online reach, your goals guide our strategy.


Create a customized link building strategy

One size doesn't fit all. We tailor our link building strategy exclusively for your business. The links we build for your brand are strategic, purpose-driven, and designed to get your audience to take action.


Put you in charge of your backlinks

We give you full control and peace of mind. Before we place your links, you have the opportunity to review and approve the target domains. You pay only for the live links you’ve approved - no hidden costs, surprises, or advance payments.

Monthly Review

Host Monthly Review Calls​

Communication is key. We hold monthly review calls to keep you in the loop. The purpose is to discuss progress, address your questions or concerns, and fine-tune our strategy as needed, ensuring alignment with your evolving goals.


Give regular updates about the progress

Stay informed every step of the way. Our commitment to transparency means you’ll receive regular updates about the performance of your link building campaigns. Know exactly what's happening and why.


Measure results and deliver a positive ROI

Ultimately, it is the results that matter. We measure the effectiveness of our link building initiatives meticulously. We focus on meaningful connections that translate into real, tangible results for your business.

Are you ready to turn your backlinks into conversion-generating assets?

Our Link Building Strategies Are All About Building Meaningful Connections

We understand that rankings and traffic are important, but they’re not the end goal. We focus on meaningful connections that lead to real, tangible results.

We leverage a range of link building strategies to generate high-quality, authoritative links that resonate with your target audience. These backlinks don’t just boost your website’s authority. They attract genuine, interested prospects ready to convert into your loyal customers.

Link Building

Here are some of our

favorite relationship-based link building strategies:

Niche edit

Niche edits

Niche edits involve getting links to your resources placed strategically within existing content on authoritative websites in your niche. This method ensures that your backlinks are contextually relevant and can significantly enhance your website's authority and visibility in the industry.

Guest Post

Guest posting

We help you establish partnerships with authoritative industry websites and blogs by contributing high-quality guest posts with backlinks to your website. This not only helps build valuable backlinks but also positions you as an industry thought leader.

Brand mentions

Brand mentions

We monitor the web for mentions of your brand, products, or services without links. We reach out to these sources and request backlinks, ensuring your brand gets the recognition it deserves. If you don’t have any significant brand mentions, we create new ones for you.

Brand inclusion

Brand inclusion in relevant listicles

We get your brand or product featured in relevant, top-ranking listicles. These articles include a list of top brands, products, or services in a specific niche, and including your brand results in a significant increase in referral traffic, visibility, and authority.

Elevate Your SEO Success with Our Industry-Specific Link Building Services

We have helped businesses of all sizes skyrocket their search rankings and traffic for top revenue-generating keywords.

Leverage our industry-focused link building expertise to build high-authority links across a wide range of industries, including:


Online Gaming



Home Improvement


Directory Submissions


Profile Linking

Web 2.0 Links

Blog Commenting

Press Releases

Quality Over Quantity: That’s Where Top Brands Make Their Stand

Say no to agencies and freelance gigs on Fiverr or Upwork that promise 1000+ monthly backlinks. Discard the idea of acquiring links with thousands of low-quality guest posts and outdated link building tactics like:

The savviest brands make a different choice -
Quality over Quantity.

Choose a visionary SEO and link building partner. We craft high-authority, contextually rich backlinks that truly connect with your ideal customers.

Ready to elevate your website’s authority with meaningful backlinks? Let’s get started with a strategy that truly counts.

The Voices of Our Satisfied Clients

Our link building service track record speaks for itself. Don’t take our word for it – read our client success stories from the client’s perspective.

Alex Botvynko

Working with Tanot Solutions proved to be a very positive experience. Being able to collaborate and work with leading experts in online marketing and business development, learn from others and share your expertise is definitely a step towards making your online business a successful venture.

Alex Botvynko

Marketing manager at SaaS marketing automation software

Shailendra Girish Kadulkar

Renu from Tanot Solutions has helped us build high-quality links for our clients. She taught us the whole process and helped our team increase their productivity by 60%.  We were able to triple the organic traffic of our clients using her high-quality links. Her eagerness to help is impressive.

Shailendra Girish Kadulkar

Founder, Movinnza

Sandeep Das

After we started link building with Tanot Solutions, they helped rank our CRM’s high-converting product page at #9 (which initially ranked #32) for keywords like CRM and CRM software. Keyword rankings significantly improved for other terms like Marketing automation (#12) and HubSpot alternatives (#1) - which became our most profitable keyword as well.

Not just rankings, but we saw an impressive 80% increase in traffic and an equally exceptional 80% increase in the total number of signups every day as well.

By Sandeep Das

Digital Marketing Manager at a SaaS CRM Company

Gabriel Motta

Our goal with Link Building was to have exposure in relevant websites from our niche, a giant challenge, since that kind of platform rarely answers emails. With Tanot Solutions customized niche edit link strategy, we could mention our CRM brand in one of the major sites of our niche, with DR 89 and 9 Keywords among the first 10 positions, ensuring a potential traffic of 530 from just one link. If you want to build links and have exposure in relevant platforms and want to improve your rankings, Tanot Solution is the best.

By Gabriel Motta

Marketing Manager at Kommo


As a business owner, I had the pleasure of partnering with Tanot Solutions for the last one year, and I can confidently say that they are exceptional.

Our website's keyword ranking skyrocketed from 2000 keywords in June 2022 to an impressive 6000 keywords by March 2023. It helped us to increase our traffic by 5X.

They kept us updated regularly, providing progress reports and addressed any questions or concerns promptly. Their proactive approach and responsiveness made our collaboration seamless and efficient.

Their friendly demeanor, positive attitude, and professionalism made our partnership enjoyable and productive. We are still working with Tanot Solutions and looking forward to a long term partnership with them. 

I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a reliable, skilled, and dedicated partner for their SEO needs.

Founder at gaming company

Maximize Your ROI: In-House vs. Link Building Pros

Considering 20 high-quality links for your website? We did the math for you:

In-House Link Building

Tanot Solutions

Content Writers

Content Writers ($60K+ yearly)

Link Building Strategist

Link Building Strategist ($70K+ yearly)

Tools and Tech

Tools and Tech ($3K+ yearly)

Training & Development

Training & Development





Powerful Tools

Powerful Tools

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships


All at a Remarkable 40% Less Cost

No Guaranteed Results

No Guaranteed Results

High Turnover Risk

High Turnover Risk

Sustainable Results

Sustainable Results

Guaranteed Success

Guaranteed Success

Ready to make a smart choice? We’ll maximize your link building ROI and deliver results that matter with targeted traffic and leads for your business.

Welcome to Tanot Solutions -

Where conversions are our priority!

We’re not just a team; we’re your conversion catalysts!

With a powerhouse of 15+ experts, we bring you a decade’s worth of experience in the art of contextual link building. Our mission is to turbocharge your online presence and authority with high-quality, relevant links.


Meet Our Visionaries -

The Power Duo of
Renu Sharma and Vikas Sharma

Renu Sharma

Renu Sharma, our Co-Founder has been in the content marketing and link building business for a solid decade. She has worked with industry giants, renowned agencies, and influencers, making her a true authority in the field.

In 2020, she set sail to create something extraordinary – Tanot Solutions.

Our other Co-Founder, Vikas Sharma is also a digital marketing specialist with over 11 years of experience.

Together, they identified a huge gap in the market –  the absence of high-quality link building services tailored to specific niches. This realization marked the onset of our link building company.

Vikash Sharma

We’ve proudly partnered with 150+ brands over the last four years and still counting!

We boast of our exceptional, results-driven services, which keep our clients not just coming back, but sticking with us for over two years.

Let's make your brand the next success story in our portfolio.

Premium Link Building

Ready to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic and Revenue with Premium Link Building?

If you’re eager to unlock the true potential of your website, your quest ends here.

We specialize in delivering backlinks that do more than boost traffic – They enhance your market positioning and attract laser-focused leads to your business.

Experience a flood of high-converting traffic and leads with meaningful links.


Yes, we prioritize quality over quantity. We focus on acquiring backlinks from authoritative and reputable websites, ensuring they adhere to search engine guidelines to avoid any penalties.

The timeline for seeing results can vary depending on your industry, competition, and current website status. Typically, you can expect to see improvements in search engine rankings within a few months.

Yes, we offer regular reports that detail the progress of your link building campaign. You’ll have access to metrics such as the number of backlinks acquired, website authority improvements, and more.

Yes, you can provide anchor text suggestions, and we’ll incorporate them into our link building strategy whenever possible. However, we’ll also advise on best practices for anchor text diversity.

Our agency focuses on personalized strategies, high-quality backlinks, and transparent reporting. We have a proven track record of helping clients achieve their SEO goals while adhering to ethical practices.

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